- Analysis and evaluation of architectural design. Since then, offering reasonable mechanical and electrical design solutions, ensuring technical requirements. - Calculation and design of electric and light electricity systems for buildings, infrastructure ... to design explanations.
- Advising and implementing procedures for establishment, reorganization, dissolution, conversion of ownership of the Group's shares, amendment and supplement of the Company's Charter and regulations and regulations - Participate in drafting and negotiating transactions of the Group; control of content, forms and procedures of contracts
- Organizing the operation, maintenance and repair of technical systems, mechanical and electrical buildings in the area under management; - Organize the work of acceptance, handover of construction and technical items from construction companies and contractors to put into operation;
– Proficient in writing Javascript code, understanding the operating mechanism of JS interpreters, along with understanding DOM object manipulation, JS Model – Fully understand React.js and core React operation principles, at least 2.5 years of experience with Reactjs