Sunshine Homes is a member of Sunshine Group, one of the most prestigious and professional Real Estate developers in Vietnam. The Group has made a strong impression on the market with a series of luxurious and prominent real estate projects in the high-end, super-premium segment, smart and modern financial tower complexes and resort real estate.

Sunshine Homes, with the advantage of being auto software developer in domestic and foreign markets, is the pioneer in doing business, distributing real estate products via Sunshine App, a super app. Besides, the model of Sunshine Fintech online investment for Sunshine Homes’s products is considered as a breakthrough changing the mindset of buying houses and financial investment on digital foundation. Furthermore, it intends to develop the model of Bank 4.0 in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied into Trade-Finance Tower.

About Sunshine Homes


To become Vietnam’s leading professional real estate developer and of be able to compared to International companies

To creat a trendy living style

To build a civilized community

To build a stable green ecosystem

To make a comprehensive partnership to ensure benefits and maximize profit

To deliver the best working environment, promote the capacity of individuals and groups


High-quality products

To create prolongly valuable products, ensure the potentials in the future

Customers are the spotlight

To focus on customer’s experience, to bring about an absolute satisfaction.

To focus on technology

Invest in rsesearch anf applying Technology 4.0 into products and product distribution.

Sunshine ecosystem

To create a perfect living space which provides all utilities under Sunshine brand and smartliving style.

To commit the responsibility

To research and develop environmentally friendly products, companying with society to create a civilized community.

Sunshine Homes


Prestige is the measure of value

Sunshine Homes, taking customer satisfaction and trust as the goal of striving, building credibility with customers by managing to launch products not only quickly but also qualified, and deserve being the most ideal place for residents.

Coalition is the strenght

Coalition in work is one of the most important factors make Sunshine Homes successful. If all employess are united, they will make the strongest energy for work and performs the most effectively.

Non-stop innovation

Sunshine Homes is constantly innovating to create works that are not only beautiful in design, convenient in utility but also satisfy the most demanding requirements of upscale customers. All is to improve the quality of life for residents and change the face of urban areas in Vietnam.

Appreciate human’s value

At Sunshine Homes, the human element is always the top priority. Sunshine Homes' staff develops comprehensively 5 elements: Honesty - Dedication - Knowledge - Respect - Pioneer. Sunshine Homes always encourages and facilitates employees to train and cultivate knowledge and skills to develop, create and make creative ideas to be applied in practice. Workers are guaranteed full material and spiritual rights in accordance with the law, fair and transparent remuneration policies so that they can be assured to work.

Professtional working environment

Sunshine Homes identifies that working environment must be professtional so that all of employees can promote their innovation and contribute the company best. To treat all of them respectfully, fair, give them chances to develop, build and maintain a friendly, safe and open working environment.

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Sunshine Homes
Sunshine Homes

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On the journey to improve Vietnamese real estate, Sunshine Homes has conquered the hearts of the most difficult customers and honored at major and prestigious awards both domestically and internationally. 0