Application of technology 4.0 in Sunshine Ecosystem

In the whirlwind of the revolution 4.0, Smart Home application is becoming a field that attracts the attention of users in Vietnam and Sunshine Group is keeping the leading real estate developer (real estate) in the trend.

The irresistible trend

According to Gartner Research, Smart Home technology could contribute US $ 1.9 trillion to the world economy by 2020.

In Vietnam, the report “Smartphone user behavior 2017” published by Nielsen Vietnam last year showed that the proportion of smart phone users accounted for 84% of mobile phone users in 2017, an increase of 10% over the previous year (78%).

These figures show an irresistible trend, the explosion of smartphones and tablets is gradually changing all human habits, especially in the behaviors of consumption and enjoyment of life.

The real estate market, Smart Home and higher, Smart Living are becoming trendy lifestyle, which is not out of the trend.

Mr. Do Anh Tuan, an expert in information technology – Chairman of Sunshine Group, one of the leading enterprises in applying technology in real estate in Vietnam, said:

“Any revolution will bring new and innovative things. For real estate industry, businesses will have to change a lot towards the progress of science and technology to meet the increasing needs of modern living.

Meanwhile, Ms. Lieu Nguyen, Vietnam representative of the President of the American Real Estate Association stated that smart cities will appear more and more, in which, Smart Home is an indispensable element in the world in general and Vietnam in particular.

In the late 1990s, smart apartments were considered a luxury hobby of the rich, products exclusively owned by the world’s upper class.

But smart electronics became popular items due to the introduction and popularity of microelectronics technology. This allows intelligent control technologies to be widely applied and to quickly become the trend of future housing development.

The position of the pioneer

In fact, Sunshine Group has just appeared in the real estate market. However, the high-class projects of Sunshine Center, Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine City, Sunshine Palace, Sunshine Garden … which the Group develops are unique.

Because the owner of Sunshine Group is an expert in the field of information technology, has strong financial potential, agility to grasp and acquire technology 4.0, this corporation has many conditions and facilities to be a pioneer in bringing the most modern technology applications into the real estate project.

Accordingly, Sunshine’s apartments are no longer merely a place to stay, but also a place for residents to enjoy and experience all the utility services provided by Sunshine Group. All are performed just by pressing and gliding on a smartphone.

In the morning, residents can use the Sunshine Home mobile app to order breakfast, a shuttle to and from work, and a room cleaning time. When they leave the house, weather alerts and outdoor temperatures are always available.

In the afternoon, residents can book air tickets to business trip, book a room at Sunshine’s projects in Phu Quoc, Hoa Binh, Nha Trang … book movie tickets, and go to the online market … while they are in office. Before finishing work, they can open the Smart Home app on their phones to turn on the air-conditioner to warm the room. So, the house was tidy, fresh food was brought to the door … when they returned in the evening.

Some of the other technology applications applied in various Sunshine Group products include: Sunshine Mart (commercial and e-commerce), Sunshine Cab (smart car ordering and booking app), Sunshine Service (application to interact with residents, solve all questions of residents), …

All are developed based on advanced technology 4.0 to serve the maximum benefits and needs of residents.

In addition, the virtual interactive technology, which has the sharp 3D Interactive images of Sunshine Group, gives buyers access to the smallest details in an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City or Phu Quoc, Nha Trang … when they are in Hanoi

The images, true and clear like from direct observation, will help customers have the most accurate view of the project before deciding to buy an apartment.

According to Mr. Do Anh Tuan – Chairman of Sunshine Group: “We have been anticipating the trend of technology revolution 4.0 to apply in all our projects.”

Once you’ve become a resident of Sunshine, you can “order remotely” through the Sunshine Home mobile app, instead of going to the supermarket directly to make a purchase.

Instead of being “sweat” to find reputable units to repair homes, find maids or clean up, or bring clothes directly to the laundry, Sunshine residents can now only click via a phone to order service at home through a reputable provider that is the S-service team.

In addition, Sunshine Group has recently decided to develop the Sunshine Pay e-wallet model to make it easier for residents to pay all daily payments.
E-wallets not only allow residents not to use cash, but also to receive great discounts, which are 10-20% discounts when buying or ordering services.

If the Sunshine Home app is like a smart butler, the Sunshine Pay e-payment gateway is a reliable financial assistant, helping residents pay the fees via e-wallet, a simple and convenient intermediary payment method.

E-wallet – Sunshine Pay online payment gateway is considered as the revolution of Sunshine Group in real estate.

It can be said that Sunshine Group has created breakthroughs for projects in the high-end segment, attracting customers by taking formal steps in the application of advanced technologies and different “advantages” in modern, superior and smart technology.
“When developing real estate projects, we are always in the middle of thinking about what to do to meet the needs of the residents, moreover, position the standard of life enjoyment of residents according to a new level.
We always put ourselves in the home buyer’s shoes to understand what they need and want to have. Therefore, we strive to provide the full range of services so that residents can experience the most comfortable and convenient life ”, said Mr. Nguyen Van Minh – Deputy General Director of Sunshine Tech (Sunshine Group) when talking about exclusive smart technology applications for Sunshine residents.