and the story
of creating a smart financial tower

The financial tower complexes created by the Sunshine Homes brand are not merely an aesthetic symbol or tourist destination to admire, it is also an amazingly beautiful construction, honed from creativity, driven by state-of-the-art technology, leading the game to elevate the real estate market in Vietnam.

From the model
of the world financial tower ...

The financial tower model is the focus of numerous banks, Big4 companies, financial funds, real estate companies, attracting a large number of investment banks. For example, the London financial center attracts about 350,000 financiers, about 500 leading banks in the world, the amount of currency transactions accounts for 37% of the globe, the volume of transactions is extremely large, an average of about USD 5,100 billion per day.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is assessed to have a rapidly developing economy, huge demand for capital, business and trading, and the construction of an international financial center in Vietnam is feasible, reasonable and in time. The benefits that the financial tower model brings are immense and undeniable. Such as the financial tower Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, was dubbed the most splendid and expensive tower in the world. This is a complex of 3 towers with a luxurious architecture of 55 floors (casino, shopping center, exhibition and entertainment area, hotel and restaurant system), creating the famous resort on Marina Bay, contributing to elevating the landscape of the lion island nation. It focuses on leading personnel in the financial industry in Singapore (Standard Chartered Bank, American Express); Ashurst LLP, Clifford Chance, McGraw-Hill and WongPartnership. According to statistics, at the Marina Bay Sands financial tower, at the peak hour, there are over 20,000 people working, eating and shopping. In 2019 alone, financial income from office leasing amounted to SGD 81.9 million.

The splendid Marina Bay Sands financial tower is worthy of the century’s work of the World

homes works worthy of masterpieces in Vietnam

Owning a series of super-luxury projects in prime locations with sophisticated architecture, sophisticated furniture and smart 4.0 technology, Sunshine Homes has made a strong impression on the real estate market with 05 product lines including: Sunshine Apartment – Luxury apartments; Sunshine Sky Villas – Villa in the air; Sunshine Villas – Inner-city resort villas; Sunshine Premier – Real Estate in urban areas and Sunshine Marina – Real Estate in tourist resorts.

Successful with high-end real estate lines, Sunshine Homes is gradually developing super high-class real estate lines, creating financial tower complexes of international stature. With the strength of a pioneer real estate developer applying technology in Vietnam, the financial towers come from Sunshine Homes, not simply a symbol of lavish architecture, comfort in the direction of green, smart, energy-saving, maximum capacity … elevating Vietnamese real estate but also creating a “huge” push to turn Vietnam become an attractive land for international investors.

Proudly rising in the sky of Hanoi, Sunshine Empire is a complex of 5 towers of Finance – Hotel – Office – International Trade Center. Located in the area of Nam Thang Long international urban area, the intersection of two arterial roads Pham Van Dong – Nguyen Hoang Ton, Sunshine Empire welcomes the development wave of the entire economic center area west of Hanoi and strong connection to nearby areas.

Inspired by the spacecraft, Sunshine Empire is the symbol of the pinnacle of Vietnam’s strong rise as the new Dragon of Asia, bringing in its mission to become the center of the summit of life, Resort in the heart of Hanoi by global businessmen and the prosperous generation.

Sunshine Empire owns a trendy living space with a system of premium Prime Suites hotel rooms with panoramic views, world-class Grade A offices, and top-class utilities such as: Central Business Center, Ski Resort indoors, Sky bar, light square, water music, digital entertainment complex, Runway Central floor, … Specially operated by the world’s leading management brand and the most advanced 4.0 technology system, Sunshine Empire becomes the ideal choice for global businessmen in separate workspaces, High-class conference room, international summit conference room … With expensive highlights and 4.0 technology operation, smart management, Sunshine Empire is a new meeting place for the elites, originating for trade opportunities, the focal point of economic flow of Hanoi Capital.

Not stopping there, in the sea economic journey, attracting foreign tourists, combining trade, entertainment, casino, foreign investment and financial institutions to exploit the economy in the Central region, Sunshine Homes creates Marina 4.0 real estate line with the Integrated Resort model, leading the unprecedented trend of vacation in Vietnam. And the name Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay – an international-class integrated entertainment resort in Nha Trang, will be a place of extreme emotional satisfaction and bring differentiated enjoyment in the flow of the era “Meta Luxury – More than luxury. ”

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay owns a prime location on Tran Phu gold land, which is a super product of the Sunshine Homes brand. The arrival of Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay is expected to become a destination that satisfies “one thousand and one” demands of the guests. The project is built according to the Integrated Resort model, which represents everything that is modern, super stylish, from resort services, dining, shopping to entertainment and chic, can satisfy all senses and emotions of guests..


If utilities and architecture are considered the “souls” of financial towers from the Sunshine Homes brand, technology acts as a “heart” connecting all values of the project.

By the “witch” of technology, all the needs of relaxation – entertainment – shopping – exploring of visitors are satisfied with just a few quick touches on the Sunshine App. In addition, technology also helps improve efficiency and transparency, helping customers make a profit when investing. As a result, the owner can plan the optimal exploitation of the profits from his/her resort apartment.

It can be said that, with outstanding advantages, the Sunshine Homes financial tower complex has a great attraction to investors, financial institutions, banks, investment funds, economic groups in the and abroad have opened operating offices, facilitating foreign capital inflows to invest in Vietnamese market. At the same time, it has a positive impact on the economy, creating a growth engine for the regional and national key economies in general and the region, the world in particular.

Outstanding factors that make the class of Sunshine Financial smart tower complex brand:

01. Strategic location

Sunshine Homes financial tower complex is created at the focal points of major urban development nationwide with convenient transportation, ensures natural, socio-economic factors fully meets the factors to promote key regional, national and international economies.

02. Architecture symbol

Sunshine Homes’ financial tower complexes possess a unique architecture, striking in the urban space it was created. It is this that makes a clear difference and represents unique value, superior class and superficiality, firmly worthy of class, attracting the elite and large investors across the globe.

03. Smart Building

As a pioneer in applying artificial intelligence and 4.0 technology to real estate in Vietnam, Sunshine Homes has set up a plan to integrate technology right from project construction to management, operation and technology is always considered as a backbone game with its Smart Buildings system.

Smart Buildings create a closed ecosystem of convenience, absolute safety and comprehensive security to operate in the direction of automation, including: Smart parking, smart security, smarthome, smart management, smart elevator, smart lighting, high speed intelligent internet cable to meet the demand of transmiting large amounts of financial transaction data,…

04. Bank 4.0

Catching the growing trend of Digital Banking globally, Sunshine Homes develops Bank 4.0 solution system at financial tower complexes with the application of the latest technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, IoT, … to optimize every transaction for customers.

Bank 4.0 solves the challenges of financial innovation such as payment, customer acquisition, multiple suppliers, multi-channel, real-time data analysis, peer-to-peer lending, and endpoint security, … This is becoming a digital ecosystem, an ecosystem that is the foundation of the digital economy. Business ecosystems create customer insight. It gives businesses the opportunity to understand the maximum customer and make transactions be more convenient, maximum, automatic and faster.

05. System of utilities – services

The purpose of creating an ideal living, working and entertainment space for the upper class, a focal point of economic development, Sunshine Homes financial tower complexes are equipped with high-class and luxurious utilities. The place of crystallizing superior values ​​to meet the needs of the elite, converging all conditions to elevate to become an ideal global trading center.

06. Environmental protection

Not only unique architecture, Sunshine Homes financial tower complex is built with environmentally friendly materials, large landscape, lush green, Sky-terrace energy-saving appliances and gardens are evenly distributed to reduce heat load, save energy and always reduce energy use to save costs.

In addition, by applying the Smart Smart 4.0 technology in managing and operating financial centers, Sunshine Homes develops smart devices that save energy and protect the environment such as:

– Lighting system and escalator controlled by sensors to save energy.

– Use the app to control: Air conditioning, lights and curtains.

– Clear and quick alarm and evacuation procedures

– Managing saving water, fuel, electricity, …

07. Combining many purposes of exploitation and use

Each financial tower complex of Sunshine Homes converges a diverse range of All-in-one functions according to international standards such as: Commercial finance, International hotel, Luxury office, Prime Suites 5-star hotel apartment, Condo Suites resort apartment, entertainment complex, … All converge at Sunshine Homes to bring unprecedented experiences for successful owners and businessmen.

08. Potential to promote economic development

When completed, Sunshine Homes’ smart financial tower complex will attract investment from financial institutions, banks, investment funds, domestic and foreign economic groups to open operating offices, unfreeze foreign capital inflows to invest in Vietnam market, creating a premise for this region to become an economic and financial center of the country. At the same time, it has a positive impact on the city’s economy, as well as creating a driving force for regional and national key economic regions in general.