Sunshine Homes: The destination of a full life …

Real estate is not just a business field. Real estate "tycoons" consider it an intellectual game of the brains. And when Sunshine Homes participated in the game, they set themselves a mission not only to build apartments, to sell accommodation but to shape the most fashionable lifestyle.

Sunshine Homes: The mission of creating fashionable life

Many years ago, people used the phrase “good food, nice clothes” as a way to define the dreaming life. But that is not enough at the present. The standard of living of human beings has been raised and transcended the framing the material concept of “delicious” and “beautiful”. Now, the era of “Full Living” is crowned, an age when not only the material living needs are met but also the emotions and the soul are filled.

Sunshine Group with the luxury real estate brand Sunshine Homes always strives to be at the forefront of creating new trendy living quality by grasping the trend of modern living. Each project of Sunshine Homes gathers the architectural elite in the world, with the influence of brilliant buildings such as the Trump Tower of the United States, the prosperous cities of Europe, the class city of London or Paris magnificent city, green buildings such as the island nation of Singapore … It can be said that Sunshine Homes’ product lines are the crystallization of architectural beauty, green elements in space, modernity, comfort through series of high-class utilities and smart technology, the harmony between aesthetic value and utility.

Sunshine Homes product lines are the crystallization of architectural beauty, utility and green elements

Sunshine Homes, taking the interests of customers as the center, assimilates the most rewarding values of the world real estate trend to create works, does not sell apartments that are “replicated or molded” but pioneers a new way of life in modern apartments or model urban areas. Each apartment, where the owner shows the unique ego, the pride for the homeowner is created, is as a masterpiece of art.

Sunshine Homes’ value is affirmed through a series of prestigious domestic and international awards such as “Top 10 Typical Asian Enterprises” and “Top 10 most trusted brands in Asia” within the International Business Forum2019 held in Singapore; Top 100 Vietnam Strong Brands, Top 10 Best Real Estate Enterprises, … Sunshine Homes’ projects are also honored at prestigious awards such as: Sunshine City Hanoi Project – ” Best Luxury Landed Development” (voted by the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2018 Council); Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay also won the “Best Iconic Development 2018” award. These are truly the most eloquent evidence for the success that Sunshine Homes is gradually creating, contributing to improving the quality of life for people and changing the face of urban Vietnam.

High-end utilities, smart technology: Value makes the luxury real estate market “aroused”.

One of the big goals set by Sunshine Homes is to create a Sunshine lifestyle, a combination of modern utilities and a smart life experience. Through its own projects, Sunshine Homes has shown this element very clearly.

The ultimate utility chain that creates the level of Sunshine Homes projects

No matter which project belongs to Sunshine Homes, it also owns an extremely classy closed utility belt due to the consistency in the real estate development perspective. Sunshine Homes apartment has an All-in-one model, luxurious and isolated living space, fully equipped to make residents feel like to be in a new paradise, completely separate from the chaos of city.

Regarding the landscape, the investor has built utilities such as resorts with internal rivers; sky infinity pool or overflowing art waterfall, … Besides, other living needs, such as BBQ garden, children’s play area, outdoor and indoor swimming pool system, help residents gather with their families, creating a useful playground for children to play, run and swim freely. Additionally, the investor also established a chain of S – Mart systems (supermarkets, convenience stores) and S-Fitness and Spa (Gym, yoga and beauty care), health care and treatment areas. … Especially, the investor is proud to set up an inter-school system of international schools branded Sunshine School, creating an ideal and modern learning environment for children.

In the trend of smart homes, Sunshine Homes has taken a step further by elevating ordinary Smart Homes apartments into a high-end Smart Living ecosystem, catching up with the inevitable “smart living” trend of the future. .

Sunshine Homes has taken a step further by transforming ordinary Smart Homes apartments into a high-end Smart Living ecosystem

Investors are providing technology solutions 4.0 – Smart Living not only in ordinary Smart Homes, but also in Sunshine Group projects, helping homeowners save time and effort to relax and rest after a tired long day.

Sunshine Home creates its own path by investing in researching and developing its own technological solutions to meet the customized needs of each homeowner, and also bringing the mission to enhance the urban appearance and new lifestyle for people. Sunshine Home deserves to become a leading name, a high-class choice for the elite residential community, towards the values of modern and sustainable living of the future.