Tech resort real estate – the problem of Sunshine Homes and the solution from Sunshine Tech

Sunshine Group's brand of Sunshine Group not only does operate in the housing sector with high-end and super-premium product lines, but also continues to expand into the field of resort with impressive breakthroughs from super vacation projects of Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay Resort.

The challenges of resort real estate

Many “fever” of real estate investment in many tourist areas has grown sharply in the context of the continuous growth of tourism and resort real estate markets. In 2011, there were 13,756 tourist accommodation establishments with over 256,000 accommodations across the country. In 2018, this number reached 28,000 establishments with 550,000 accommodation rooms, the average growth rate of room scale was 12% / year.

However, people only see the “race” in quantity that overlooks the key factors that make a product brand. Therefore, although many localities own ideal destinations, beautiful beaches tens of kilometers long, they do not have any international-class resorts, financial and commercial complex of eligible luxury hotels and utilities of a high-class resort for true high-end customers.

Meanwhile, tourism is a smokeless industry that contributes significantly to the economy, especially for localities with many advantages for development. To do so, the investment in infrastructure and services, including resort real estate is indispensable to attract tourists, especially to attract foreign tourists.

The problem for Sunshine Homes is: How to create world-class resort real estate models that are international, different and impressive, on the journey to find the unique self in the field of Tourism – Resort real estate?

Technology 4.0 enhances the new resort experience

Tourism and resort real estate is considered an attractive investment channel and promises to bring high profits, especially when the development of modern technology is integrated into products to bring new experiences to customers.


Sunshine Homes demonstrates the ability to create integrated, multi-experience models according to integrated resort models, which first appeared in Vietnam, by bringing technology into the field of resort real estate.

According to experts, the application of technology and data analysis has facilitated the appearance of many new tourists such as solo travelers, experience seekers, and traveler groups, Instagram followers, adventure travelers, single family, last-minute visitors, multi-generational families, business travelers combining relaxation, therapeutic tourism … , operators have the opportunity to identify objects to provide more personalized service than before.

In addition, technology is researched and applied to the entire hotel experience from the original design to providing a brand experience for customers every day.

Therefore, Sunshine Group soon found a solution to the problem of resort real estate investment. Accordingly, technology is the key to this brand’s success, creating the opportunity to bring Vietnamese resort real estate to the world.

Sunshine Homes – The pioneer in the technology resort era

As a precursor to an experienced technology developer, Sunshine Group has the courage to invest heavily in the application of technology to the Group’s high-class real estate projects. It blows a “new breeze” into the resort real estate, opening a new era for the field in Vietnam.

Through Sunshine Tech, Sunshine Group launched a series of exclusive application systems only for resort real estate system. Accordingly, Sunshine Tech not only introduces smart home technology into each resort apartment but also applies to the entire high-class multi-service resort complex. Therefore, this “technology ecosystem” has become the thread connecting emotions and regal experiences, bringing a holiday of international standard, “fully resting at the journey”.

At the Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay resort project, all utilities are just a touch away from the owner. Therefore, visitors can experience the unique “king-class” luxury services in a unique and special way.


The technology ecosystem will become the international connection of emotions and royal experiences for visitors.

You can book a vacation, update your booking status or receive notifications about special day programs from Sunshine Tech 4.0, etc. All are updated by the system and allow “ordering remotely” easily thanks to a” touch “on smart phone.

Because customers have to go a long way to get to the resort, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay saves guests time by the online check-in application so that customers do not have to wait in long lines and fill in boring forms.

Due to the understanding that customers do not want to carry a lot of cash when traveling, Sunshine Pay e-wallet application is deployed uniformly in all applications within the Sunshine Group ecosystem. Whether you eat out, go shopping, go to the musical or simply want to enjoy a stylish cocktail at the infinity pool while watching the city from above … you can use this application.

Resort real estate will make people feel the closeness of technology best ever because all utilities are just a button away from the owner.

With a simple and convenient touch button on smart phones, customers ‘vacation will be more complete because Sunshine Homes’ digital technology has calculated the trend of your needs with different types of travel, location, forms of shopping, eating …. They create a value chain and provide multi-experience resort scenarios for you to choose freely.

In addition to ultimate experience, Sunshine Homes also applies technology in project operation and management to investors in order to improve efficiency and transparency, helping customers get transparency of profits when investing.

When vacations are not merely resorts; when the whole world is within sight behind the door; when the extraordinary power of technology 4.0 is applied to each customers’ unique vacation experiences …., it is also the time Sunshine Homes proved its position in Vietnam and international markets, bringing Vietnamese real estate gradually into a new era, era of resort tourism 4.0.